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André Georges Hamon Auditorium

The CRIJ Bretagne has its own performing arts center with capacity of 200 people standing, 80 people seating. Equipped with lighting and sound systems, stage, console table, projection screen, microphones…

Above all, the purpose of the auditorium is to support amateur activities in the contemporary music field. But generally speaking, il also contributes to the development of performing arts (theatre, dance, slam, circus, poetry, Vjing…) among young cultural actors (artists and organizers) in Rennes and all the Brittany region. The auditorium aims to meet the needs of many amateur and developing artists and organizers for a quality first stage in a suitable performance venue.
The CRIJ can also host film or documentary screenings, as soon as they are directed by youth, are aimed at youth or have a theme related with the youth.

NB: Youth who received financial support from FRIJ (Fond Rennais d’Initiatives jeunes), and associations members of Réa-J have priority for the use of the auditorium.

La programmation de la salle

1 évenement(s) à venir dans la salle

  Les Gorgones - Urbaines
  le 23 February 2019


Nous contacter
  CRIJ Bretagne

  4bis, cours des alliés
  35000 Rennes

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  Mail : contact@crij-bretagne.com

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